AHF – A Deeper Look: What is AHF?

Agape Home Fellowship, or AHF, is a network of churches which meet in homes. Agape is the Greek word for “Love.” It is a self-sacrificing and unconditional type of love…the exact type of love Jesus demonstrated to us when He died on the cross for our sins.

Our Vision is “To be unified in His love, while changing communities.” We believe in changing our environment and communities through the love of Jesus Christ. Our Mission is to “Empower Godly believers, who are released to minister according to their individual giftedness and abilities.” We believe people are empowered by a deepening personal relationship with God and they are “released to minister” when they realize that all followers of Jesus are a part of the priesthood  (1 Peter 2:9). We also believe that EVERYONE (THAT’S YOU!) has been given gifts by God through the Holy Spirit to use in building up and edifying the church. We are all different parts of the same body (1 Corinthians 12:12).

We have several Core Values at AHF. We are committed to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. He said: “While you go about life, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” – Matthew 28:19-20

We believe we fulfill the Commission of Christ when we:

  • Love God
  • Love each other
  • Love our community
  • Love the Kingdom