What are the costs?

In every great thing…there is a cost. It has been estimated it costs upwards of $2 Million to launch a traditional church. For the first several years after launch, upwards of 90% of all giving goes to pay the staff and facilities. As churches get older, the news doesn’t get much better.

A house church has low startup costs and is easily reproducible. We estimate we can start a house church, from scratch, for under $2,000….and in some cases…for MUCH MUCH less.

At AHF, the cost is not financial…but societal.  You will be moved out of your comfort zone as we open up to our brothers and sisters in Christ. More will be expected of you. The House Church is not a place to sit and soak…to be a spectator. It’s a place to be a participant.

Christ directs the Home Church…not a worship leader or a pastor. You will not get a sermon each week (of which 90% will be forgotten by Monday). You will be engaged in the Word of God with other believers. You will be leaving your denomination and traditions behind. Christ’s Body knows no denomination…and the only traditions at AHF are those begun by Christ and the Apostles. If you are into “formality, traditions and programs”…this is not the place for you.

You will be expected to build interpersonal relationships with all of your brothers and sisters in Christ…and their families and friends. Some people will think you are crazy. That’s OK…HE IS WORTH IT!