From Brother Nelson

October 6, 2016

“I thought we heard from God…”



September 12th, 2016

Some Christians wrongly believe God would never send a person to hell if that person has never heard the Gospel. Let me help clarify the issue. There are two big problems with this theory:
1) We falsely assume ANYONE deserves heaven – There is none good…no…not one. Not one person, living or dead, saint or sinner-supreme who deserves God’s glory. ALL have sinned and come short of His glory…and ALL deserve to reap the rewards of that sin, which is eternal death (Romans 3:23, 6:23).
2) Evangelism would be a mechanism of death – If God gave a special dispensation to those who had never heard the Gospel, and judged those who had heard it more harshly, then it would stand to reason that “the feet of those who preach the good news” (Romans 10:15) would not be beautiful, but vile and deadly. The best strategy then would be to never share the Gospel…rather than share it and run the risk of rejection.
However, since Jesus demands we share the Gospel all over the world, never-sharing is not an option.
We cannot confuse our “idea” of justice with the justice of a Holy God. To say that God “can’t do something” because we think it would not be right is to say God is not just and sovereign in all His decisions and we somehow are.
We all must remember: God is sovereign and holy. There will not be one person in hell who does not deserve to be there, and there will not be one person in heaven by mistake. God knows those who are His and He’s known since before time began.
And you are the vessel He’s chosen to make His previous choices known.


August 19th, 2016 – Psalm 124 **************************


While praying for the nation, the Lord led me to Psalm 124. I could not remember what 124 said, and I felt the Lord prompting me to end my prayer time and read/meditate on Ps. 124. So I did.

“If it had not been the LORD who was on our side…” – Ps. 124:1

That puzzled me. I had just been praying about mercy during judgment and the first verse here seems to indicate that God is on our side and protects us. I knew this could not be what God was showing me, so I read on. It was then that God, in His infinite mercy to the feeble minded, gave instruction through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I will add here a summary of the Psalm as I see it for the U.S. and how it relates to judgment (the subject of my prayer):

When a people reject the Lord, He gives them up (Romans 1:18 – 32). He makes them available to the enemy. The results are:

  • A people will rise up against them (v2)
  • A people will have their anger kindled towards them (v3)
  • Judgment will come by being overwhelmed through natural and man-made calamity (v4, 5)
  • They will be ensnared by a trap laid by the enemy (v7)
  • They will not escape the trap (v7)
  • They will be given as a prey to the teeth of the enemy (V6…but see also v 3a)
  • They will be swallowed whole…while alive…and they will go down the throat and into the stomach of the enemy kicking and screaming in hopelessness (v3a)

All of this paints a scenario that is being played out before us as the United States has rejected the Lord. The Lord has allowed our enemies to rise up in fierce anger (think of the hatred towards us in the Islamic world). God has darkened our understanding (as He promised in Romans 1:21). Our wisdom as a nation, which can only come from the Lord, has departed from us. This causes our leaders to make unwise decisions (such as the Iranian Nuclear Deal). Without this wisdom, this Word from the Lord, we perish as a people (Proverbs 29:18; Hosea 4:6).

It’s important to remember the sequence here:

  1. A nation forgets God
  2. An enemy is raised up
  3. A trap is set
  4. The nation who has forgotten God flies blindly into the trap and is ensnared. There is no escape.
  5. The fowler (the enemy) comes at some point in the future…not necessarily on the day the trap is laid…and seizes their prey…and completely devours that nation.
  6. That nation is swept away by the flood of God’s judgment. It is swallowed alive and whole.
  7. It’s destruction is certain.

Unless THIS nation heeds the advice of the last verse, it’s enemies, which are numerous and increasing in number day by day, will swallow it whole. We must remember: “Our HELP is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” – Psalm 124:8

This is our only hope. The only hope for escape from the trap set by the enemy is nation-wide repentance. It is remembering the Lord our God and trusting in Him. It’s hard to remember the Lord our God when our lives are so filled with stuff and things and events that distract us from the Lord our God. The enemy has made sure we are distracted. He’s put a desire in our heart to do ANYTHING…but pray and seek God. We’ve set up so many idols in our lives, even things that seem worthy of pursuit (such as our kids extracurricular activities), that we’ve barely 10 minutes a day for the Lord. On a good day.

Ten minutes, or less, for the Lord in a 1,440 minute day is pure idolatry. We’ve convinced ourselves that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30) – but that’s a lie…and we know it.

Jesus said: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21; Luke 12:34. What is your treasure? Where is it hidden? Is it your kid’s sports? Is it your “girls/guys night out?” What is it that keeps YOU from giving the Lord more than .7% of your time when you claim to love Him with the whole of your being?

Until we, as a church and a nation remember that God is on the side of those who diligently seek Him, we will fall prey to the trap set by the Enemy and our enemies. This starts with each and every one of us making a commitment to say “ENOUGH!” I will no longer rob God of my time. I will destroy the idols I worship and take down the “high places.”

Pastors: Listen to me. You are so very quick to warn your congregations about robbing God of treasure. STOP! What you need to be doing is warning EVERY INDIVIDUAL (Colossians 1:28) to stop robbing God of TIME. It seems to me that as long as the treasure keeps coming in, you believe all is OK. I rebuke that thinking in the name of the Lord. Do you not realize that if the spirit of a man is aligned with God and that man gives Him his time…that treasure follows? How blind are we to put the cart before the horse?

Give me 100 men that don’t rob God of their time over 100 that don’t rob God of their treasure…ANY DAY…and TWICE on Sunday. With 100 giving men I can build a building and put some nice programs in place. With 100 praying men God can change a nation.

Say NO to the idols that rob you of time with your Lord.



August 17th 2016 – “Praying Through”

The other day I was listening to a podcast and the host mentioned the concept of “Praying Through.” It was a term I had not heard in a long while, and I was uncertain of its meaning. The idea intrigued me so I began researching. This is what I found:

“Praying Through” is a concept that has, for the most part, been lost in the modern church. Many used to greet each other with “Good morning! Have you prayed through today?” However, over time, people began to feel that questioning their prayer life (even if only in the form of a greeting) was offensive. So, in order to not make people feel uncomfortable about their lack of prayer, the custom dwindled.

The concept is very simple: Begin praying and do not stop until you’ve “prayed through.” First, however, we must go through a key step of preparation. Psalm 66:18 and 19 states,

“If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.”

Proverbs 15:29 declares,

“The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.”

These (and many scriptures) make it clear: God does not hear the prayers of the wicked. Today, there are many in hospitals, school desks, mosques and churches, crying out to God in some form of prayer; seeking deliverance from an ailment or the latest stress. Their prayers end at the ceiling. God does not hear the prayers of the lost, other than the prayer “SAVE ME! I AM A SINNER!”

Now, we know if we are in Christ, we are clean. Our life, and all its sin, is hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3). However, the principle is similar: God does not hear the prayers of those who cherish (regard it as something precious they cannot do without) in their hearts. Unconfessed sin is a barrier between us and God. Unconfessed sin grieves the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30), and we are ill-advised to do that.

So, before we can “Pray Through” (I’ll get to the definition is a moment), we must bow before God in humble submission and confess our sin. I would recommend naming the sin (or sins) and tell God that you “no longer regard the sin of _____.” It’s real easy and real hard at the same time. Treat your sin with the contempt it deserves. Hate it. Loathe it. Disregard it. Count it as filthiness before a holy God.

Sin comes in all sizes and shapes. Some sins are easy to name; they stand out. Some, on the other hand, are hiding in the shadows of our lives. We need God to help us seek them out. We need the assistance of the Holy Spirit as we embark on a “search and destroy” mission. Perhaps your sin is abundantly clear and “ever before” you like David’s (Psalm 51:3). It could be a hidden. It may be that your greatest sin is the sin of passivity towards God; your lack of prayer and devotion to Him. The sin of prayerlessness grieves the heart of God. We must confess it and repent of it.

In every way we need His help in identifying our sin. We must be like Job when he said “Make me know my transgression and my sin” – Job 13:23. We must follow David’s advice when he cried, “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!” – Psalms 139:23, 24

Need some help? Here’s a guide:

“Father God, I come to you and ask that You shine the light of your holiness into my life. Uncover the hidden works of darkness I am so good at hiding sin and I’ve hidden some of my sin so well that I don’t even know where to start looking. Search me, O God, and make my grievous ways known to me that I might confess them. Show me my secret idols and purge from me those things that keep me from walking in fullness with You; those things that keep me from the abundant life I am promised in Christ. I am sorry that I have sinned the sin of _____. I know you have forgiven me through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, but I am sorry nonetheless. Holy Spirit, I ask you to forgive me for grieving you. I know I have grieved You and I am sorry I disobeyed the Word of God and disregarded the commands of my Lord Jesus. I count the sin of ____ as nothing to me. I regard it as nothing. I loathe it and I do not want it to be a part of my life any longer. I cast it far away from me and my deepest desires are that I never see it again. I need You. I cannot overcome this sin without You. I am totally dependent upon You Lord Jesus. I am but a branch and my sin makes me worthy of being cut away and cast into the fire. I know that apart from You, this is my lot and my just reward. I cannot live this Holy life without You. I need Your help. I throw myself upon your throne and beg for mercy. Cleanse me Lord and make me hate the sin of _____ like you hate the sin of _____.”

This prayer should be prayed from your heart, not from your eyes (as you read) and your mouth (as you speak what you read). My recommendation is to find a private place and pour yourself out to God. This process should not just take the minute it takes to read the “script.” You should stay before the throne until you receive His pardon. You’ll know it when it comes. There is an invisible wall of Holiness that surrounds the throne of God. We know that God hears the prayers of those in Christ, but it takes special effort to penetrate this wall and to get a touch from God. This is “Praying Through.”

“Praying Through” is taking prayer to the next level. In order to enlist the assistance of the heavenly hosts, we must “Pray Through.”  We cannot survive this life without a touch from our Father. We get that when we “Pray Through.” When you’ve “Prayed Through”  everything changes at that time. That’s where the presence of God is.

“Praying Through” is also travailing prayer. It’s prayer that doesn’t give up until it has its answer. This is the fervent and effective prayer we read about in James 5:16. It’s important to remember that not just any ol’ Christian has that dynamic and effective prayer that has great power. It’s the “righteous” Christian who is promised this type of fruitful prayer.

There is a difference between “praying and Praying Through.” We must never forget that short prayers are just as much a part of the believer’s life as long, travailing prayer. Short, silent prayers can be just as effective as prayers that are “Prayed Through,” provided there is a foundation of “Praying Through” to stand on. There is a time and a place for short prayers. Nehemiah prayed a short prayer when he was standing before Artaxerxes (Nehemiah 2:2-5). Peter prayed the shortest prayer in the Bible when he cried out ‘LORD! SAVE ME!”, as his solid faith became waves of doubt (Matthew 14:30).

There are also situations that require us to be like Jacob. There are times when we must grab hold of the Lord and declare: “I will NOT let go until you bless me!” (Genesis 32:26). “Praying Through” is loud and intense, not silent and passive. It’s fervent. It’s active. It often engages the whole of our being, not just our thoughts. Scripture often describes this type of praying:

“Hear my prayer, O LORD; let my cry come to you!” – Psalm 102:1

“Because of my loud groaning my bones cling to my flesh.” – Psalm 102:5

“I am weary with my moaning; every night I flood my bed with tears; I drench my couch with my weeping.” – Psalm 6:6

“With my voice I cry out to the LORD; with my voice I plead for mercy to the LORD. I pour out my complaint before him; I tell my trouble before him.” – Psalm 142: 1, 2

“…the LORD has heard the sound of my weeping.” – Psalm 6:8

“I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill.” – Psalm 3:4

I believe “Praying Through” is what Jeremiah was speaking of when he said:

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

And I believe Paul alludes to this in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 when he says “pray without ceasing.”

“Praying Through” is praying “until.” It is not giving up until you have broken through the invisible barrier that surrounds the throne. It is praying without ceasing until you’ve laid aside your flesh and entered God’s presence.

As I embarked upon this journey of discovering the true meaning of “Praying Through,” it just so happened (one of those “God-incidences”) I read the short bio of John Hyde in the book “They Found the Secret.” Hyde’s life was a narrative of “Praying Through.”  His was a tremendous life dedicated to prayer, the sort of dedication this is certainly a gift from the Father. Hyde was a man who was devoted to “Praying Through” and his responses to trials and tribulations showed the importance of this idea of being constantly and intimately in the presence of God.

“Praying Through” is tough. It’s like climbing a mountain on a bicycle. The climb is long, tiresome and challenging. However, once on top it’s EXHILERATING! Once you have prayed though, your prayers move with great speed and little effort and the view is tremendous!

Jesus Himself spoke of “Praying Through” in Luke 18:

“And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man. And there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ For a while he refused, but afterward he said to himself, ‘Though I neither fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will give her justice, so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming.'” And the Lord said, “Hear what the unrighteous judge says. And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them?” – Luke 18:1-7

Jesus is clear: We must be persistent and “push through” with our petitions. We must be persistent in pushing up the hill. There is no set amount of time it takes to “Pray Through.” Honestly, how long it takes depends on the condition of your life and how much sin you have to deal with. Your first trip up the mountain can take hours, but it’s worth it. When you reach the top, there is found the presence of God that is unmistakable. You feel His touch and grace. You feel power as the Holy Spirit is loosed into your life. It is at that moment God releases the resources of heaven and sends them to your aid. It’s there you find mercy overflowing and abundant love.

On the teaching of persistent prayer in Luke 18, John Calvin said this:

“We know that perseverance in prayer is a rare and difficult attainment; and it is a manifestation of our unbelief that, when our first prayers are not successful, we immediately throw away not only hope, but all the ardor of prayer. But it is an undoubted evidence of our Faith, if we are disappointed of our wish, and yet do not lose courage. Most properly, therefore, does Christ recommend to his disciples to persevere in praying.”

Looking back on my life I can recall many times when I “Prayed Through,” I just didn’t know that’s what I had done. My mistake was not seizing that moment and that momentum. My mistake was allowing myself to fall back down the mountain. Every trip down means another tortuous journey to the top. I can testify that “Praying Through” is easier if you stay on the mountain. Instead of an hour or two of climbing, it’s a quick 5 minute walk. My advice: Once you’ve “Prayed Through,” stay there!

Have you “Prayed Through” recently? Have you ever? If you don’t know the answer, odds are you haven’t. “Praying Through” is one of those things in life that are pretty unmistakable. Once you’ve done it, you know it. Psalms 16:11 says, “in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” “Praying Through” brings us into the presence of the Lord. If you’ve been in His presence, you’ve had that fullness of joy; you’ve felt the pleasures of His right hand. There is no mistaking what it is. You can look at pictures of Pike’s Peak in a book or online, but when you’ve been to the top, you know it.

If you are looking for more power in your Christian life, power over besetting sin, or just looking to take a deeper walk in your journey, I urge you to not only fast, but “Pray Through.” It’s simple and hard at the same time. Find a time that’s “wide open,” a place you will not be disturbed, somewhere you can cry aloud to God, and get to it! If you fail on your first trip up, don’t lose heart. Keep trying. Don’t stop. Set another appointment for another time and make another go at it. God “is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” – Hebrews 11:6

It’s worth it! The view up there…well…it can’t be beat!


July 22nd, 2016 – Greetings in the name of the Lord. We will meet this Sunday, July 24th, at 10 am instead of 5 pm. We will have breakfast instead of dinner.  Bring whatever you want that is breakfast related…donuts…kolaches…you name it!

June 27th, 2016 – “The Brexit”

Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you are aware, The United Kingdom (UK) just voted in a historic fashion to separate themselves from the European Union. While this appears to be something happening overseas that doesn’t really impact our lives here in Texas, in actuality it is very important. So, I wanted to take some time to express my thoughts about “The Brexit” and what I see as the implications of such a historical moment.

In a nutshell, the Brexit is a revolution of nation-loving people.  We see ordinary citizens of a country saying “we no longer wish to be ruled by nameless faces in a faraway place, WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!” The reasons this happened are numerous, and I don’t want to get bogged down in those details. That’s not what this article is about.

This article is about the prophetic implications of such a dramatic event (and make no mistake, this “Brexit vote” is HISTORIC. It is perhaps even more dramatic and important than the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union). Before we look at these implications, I want to first discuss a few assumptions on which the rest of the article will be built.

The first assumption is there is a large segment of the world’s elite, the international bankers, billionaires and politicians, which want a one-world government. A United Europe was a large part of that plan.

The second assumption is there is a wave of nationalism occurring across the globe in western and developed countries. The issues of immigration and loss of culture have awakened the sleeping nationalistic giant. Polls now show many countries in the EU desiring to vote on their own status within the EU, and it is likely in the next year, we will see many powerful countries exit the EU, leaving the EU decimated of any real power. This also conflicts with the agenda of the globalists.

The third assumption is the prophetic picture we see in the Bible is just that, a picture. Life is an ever-running video. In scripture, we see prophecies, which are, in essence, pictures of the last domino falling. However, we must understand that the picture is only possible because MANY dominoes had been lined up and set in motion prior to the falling of that last domino. So, when I examine a Biblical prophecy, I attempt to not only figure out what that picture of the last domino falling looks like. I also try to look for clues of what caused that domino to fall. What string of events took place, or must take place, in order for that last domino to fall?

The fourth assumption is that the only way a man can take over the world and become its ruler is if the world asks for it. It has long been my hypothesis that the Antichrist will rise to power through the peace process (Daniel 8:25 – “by peace he will destroy many”). I feel that the world has to be ripened before the Antichrist can take center stage. An absolute upheaval economically and strife among nation states is required for that ripening process. He comes to power in a time of great turmoil, so much so that people will be begging and praying for that one man who can solve the world’s ills.

The final assumption I want to discuss is the idea that the European Union is regarded by many as a fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the “feet of iron and clay” of Daniel 2:34, the fourth beast of Daniel 7:19, 20; the people of the prince to come in Daniel 9:24 – 27 and the Beast of Revelation 13. In other words, the Kingdom of the Antichrist (AC). For several decades, most teachers of Bible prophecies have taught that the development of the European Union was the “revived Roman Empire” seen in Bible prophecy. A united Europe was the Kingdom of the Beast.

It is here I wish to begin. Regardless of what “The Brexit” does to the world economy, this moment has put that interpretation on its heels. I have contended that the Kingdom of the AC is indeed a revived Roman Empire, but not the western leg as taught by many Biblical scholars (most notably John Walvoord and Hal Lindsey (who wrote “The Late Great Planet Earth” the first successful book on Bible prophecy)), but the Eastern Leg, which became the Ottoman Empire. I see the kingdom of the AC, as well as the AC, coming from that eastern leg (see the vision in Daniel 2), which consisted of Arab nations, and today is made up of mostly Muslims.

If, by some chance, the Kingdom of the Antichrist IS the western leg as taught by many, then we have been set backwards in the prophetic timeline by MANY years. That interpretation of these prophecies depends on a unified Europe. If the EU disintegrates in a wave of nationalism, we are only left with two choices. Either the interpretation is wrong or we are not as close to the end as we would like to think. A unified Europe is essential to that interpretation, and right now, the unity of Europe as one unified political entity is disintegrating before our eyes.

So, what does “The Brexit” mean? What are the possibilities for us?

A man named Terry Bennet, who is considered to have the prophetic gift, gave a prophecy in December of 2001. This prophecy outlined a period of 21 years. He said:

  • The first period is 2008 – 2014. It will be a time of Economic Shaking. The global economy will falter.
  • The second period is 2015 – 2021. It will be a time of governmental and political shaking, .but it will be the last 7 years of plenty.
  • The third period is 2022 – 2028. This will be a time of religious shaking and the rise of one world religion. These are the years of the great tribulation.

So far, he could not have been more right. But what does it mean and what does “The Brexit” have to do with it? Well, simply put: We are about to see how close we are to the end, and if there is really “global cartel” that is hell-bent on ruling the earth. We are about to see if calamity is just around the corner, or do we have a while. I see two possibilities.

As I said, the very last thing any globalists would want is a “Brexit” and a dissolution of the EU. So, the first possibility is that Terry Bennett was mistaken about 2015 – 2022 being 7 years of plenty. The Brexit will have a domino effect of nationalistic pride. The global elite who desire world “unity” and one-world government cannot allow this to occur. They must, at all costs, teach the simple folks a lesson and punish anyone who stands in their way. This means they will attempt to crash the world economies, .blaming it on the Brexit, thus preventing this ill-conceived rush to nationalism and self-governance. They will make it so painful for Britain that all the world will suffer, and no one will DARE leave the EU. In fact, it’s possible it could be so painful that the UK may actually beg to be let back in.

Make no mistake, they can do this very easily. All it takes is for the rich and powerful to simply sell their stocks and buy gold and silver. Gold and silver are traditional safe-havens for currencies and in time of economic strife, their prices soar. Large portfolios, held by powerful people, if sold suddenly will trigger panic selling by the middle class. The wealthy will have gotten out with their wealth in tact while the middle classes 401K’s evaporate. In essence, they have the power to fulfill their own prophecy.

There are already many power people proclaiming that this Brexit will lead to economic ruin. Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the FED, said on CNBC that the Brexit vote “was the worse day of his life.” He went on to say that this was just the tip of the ice-berg. He said we are on a path that is unsustainable.

If the global elite do decide to crash the world’s economies (assuming they have that power), this could create the environment that is ripe for a strong political figure to step in and save the day. We know that man as the Antichrist. This means the environment that fosters the CALL for the Antichrist could be created in a very short time.

The second possibility is that Terry Bennett’s prophecy of 7 years of plenty (from 2015 – 2022) is correct. There really is no conspiracy for a one world government right now, or they just aren’t as powerful as some say. It also means that we are actually a few years from seeing an environment that would foster the birth of the Antichrist.  It means the dominos of the Beast’s Kingdom are not set up just yet, or perhaps it’s just not time for the global elite to make their move.

How will we know if this is what’s occurring? Well, I imagine if this is the reality, we will know it by the fall of 2016 or early 2017.

If this second possibility is the reality in which we live, Donald Trump will be swept into office in November by a wave of nationalistic pride, mirroring the conservative uprising we saw in the UK and the US in 1979 and 1980. We will see that Britain will have been just the first domino of many to fall in a long line of “exits.” The idea of the nation-states, instead of “ruling elites” will sweep the globe. We will likely see a time of prosperity for the next few years and the chaos of today will turn into a respite of tranquility. This also means if the dominos aren’t on the table, then it’s likely that the falling domino we know as “the rapture” is still a ways off.

Make no mistake, I do believe in the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. But I also believe in dominos. Events, even Biblical prophecies, don’t happen “all of a sudden”, without a backstory. They don’t happen in a vacuum. The prophetic picture will get a lot cloudier if the second scenario occurs, and I believe it will be a clear sign that we are likely several years, maybe decades, away from Christ’s return. In my mind, the second scenario sets the clock back to at least 2022.

Frankly, I’m OK with that. There is a LOT I want to accomplish for my Lord prior to Him whisking me away in the clouds. There’s a lot of ministry to be done, and honestly, the thought that I may have a little more time to do it isn’t a sad one.

Regardless of whether the collapse happens now, or in 2022, or in 2032, we know it’s coming. It HAS to come. As many have pointed out, including Alan Greenspan (who is no Christian prophet), the path we are on is absolutely unsustainable. We have over $200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities that cannot be paid for, and the derivatives market is estimated at $1.2 QUADRILLION globally, which is more money that has ever existed in the history of the world. It’s all paper, and one day it will burn. It has to. You can only write so many checks until the bank account, and the bank account of your children and grandchildren is drained. There is coming a day when the checks will bounce. That will be a dark day indeed. Make no mistake, every day that reckoning is delayed is one step higher up the cliff. Had we fallen off that debt cliff in 2008-2009, it is likely we would have broken our legs, but we would have lived. I fear we are now so high up the cliff a fall will be fatal.

So, what can we do? Well. There are a couple of things. First and foremost we must pray. I suggest each of us learn how to pray earnestly…NOW. The skill of prayer is not a skill you want to learn under pressure and on the fly. It takes time.

Second, we must make networks of friends who you can count on. When the economy falls off the cliff, regardless of when it happens, we will need each other. We will need a close network of family and friends we can count on; people of like minds and faith.

Third, we need to watch. Be watchful. Pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Pay attention to the dominoes and how they signal those prophecies in God’s Word.

Finally, we must trust in Him. No matter WHAT happens, 7 years of plenty or chaos in the streets, remember He’s in charge. Nothing escapes His watchful eye. He never loses control, even when it seems as everyone else is.

Be blessed,

Br. Nelson

June 12th, 2016 – Brothers and sisters in Christ…as you all know I cannot be with you this Sunday (and I am SO looking forward to seeing you NEXT Sunday!)…but I wanted to take the time to address what happened in Orlando this morning. It was with great heartache that I awoke to the news that 20 had been killed in Orlando. Now that death toll is up to 50 and I suspect it will climb even further.

Even though I am not with you in the flesh…I am with you in Spirit and I want to minister to you some truth from God’s Word. My reading from God’s Word today began with Psalm 102 (please take the time to read this today in its entirety…as a family if you can). I was struck at how appropriate this Psalm was with the terror we see on today’s TV. Psalm 102 describes a people driven to the point of madness and despair by affliction. But we learn from verse 20 that God hears the groans of a people who are crying out to Him for help.

This is what we must do. We must first realize that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” – Hosea 4:6. We must realize that we, as a nation, have rejected the Word of the Lord. We have sought to council Him in regards to sin and rejected what He has said is good and perfect.

That has consequences. It always has…and it always will. Take the cyclical example we see in the Book of Judges. We see the cycle of blessing to laziness to sin to judgment to cries of mercy to revival to blessings. We learn in Judges 2:3 that when we do not drive sin out from our lives and the life of our nation, it becomes a thorn to us…and sin ensnares us. “The iniquities of the wicked ensnare him, and he is held fast in the cords of his sin.” – Proverbs 5:22

I believe the snare of the enemy is quickly closing around the neck of this country. I believe that God is telling us: Your time is short. The time of God’s mercy (and yes, this land is STILL experiencing God’s mercy and blessing) is closing and I believe we are about to see judgment like never before. It will be economic and terror related. God loves us. He will do this because He wants a fullness of life for us. He knows that fullness and fatness only comes when a people obeys His Word. These calamities will grow increasingly numerous and severe as God uses everything He can to get our attention. He does this with the purpose of trying us, just as He did Israel. “They were for the testing of Israel, to know whether Israel would obey the commandments of the LORD, which he commanded their fathers by the hand of Moses.” – Judges 3:4

It is TIME that we, the church, wake up and stand up. Many of us are still asleep…perhaps that includes some of you. It is time you awaken from your slumber. STOP playing church. I am begging you…either follow the shepherd or get out of the FLOCK! The days are coming when the Church will endure the threshing floor of God’s judgment. It is my prayer that when the threshing happens…you fall back to the ground like the grain of wheat you are meant to be. My fear is, however, that many will be carried away by the wind because they are chaff.

The solution to Orlando, Columbine, Ft Hood, Sandy Hook…is not found through man. It is found through God. It is time we cry out to God and plead with Him for mercy.

We pray for those affected in Orlando…those injured and the families of those killed and wounded. Our prayer should be that somehow God will receive Glory through this. I pray specifically that those impacted directly will re-evaluate their lives in the light of God’s holiness and that ALL would come to repentance.

We need to pray for nation-wide repentance. There needs to be a revival of holiness in the land. At Agape…I want that to start with us.

We should also pray that evil will be thwarted. We ask God to send confusion into the camp of the enemy, just as He did in the days of Gideon. May they turn on each other in their blindness.

I pray for you all…that you may be strengthened in your walk with Him. I pray that you walk in holiness and uprightness before God. I pray that your time with Him in prayer and study is plentiful and bountiful. May the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2) shower down upon you abundant wisdom, grace and mercy.




May 28th, 2016 – Our Sunday Evening service will be cancelled so that we can be Jesus with skin on. This Sunday we will be helping our brothers and sisters in Christ from the Rosharon community as they battle the flood-waters of the Brazos River. There are many precious saints of God in serious need. They need help in securing their belongings before the floodwaters creep into their homes.

This is what the Body of Christ does. Stand by for more information…but we will likely be needed earlier in the day since roads may become impassable by evening. I plan on leaving San Antonio early tomorrow morning and being in Rosharon by 9 am. I will send out updates as we get them.


May 2nd, 2016

Yes…it’s already May. Wow. I can’t believe it either. As you all are aware, due to David’s emergency appendectomy, we  were unable to meet and worship together last night…and one of the things I had planned…well…it didn’t happen. BUT I WILL NOT BE DETERRED!!! 🙂

As some of you have seen, I issued a “31-Day Proverbs Challenge” last week and we were going to discuss this in more detail last night. Well…here it is: I challenge EACH OF YOU to read 1 chapter in Proverbs a day, every day, during the month of May. There are 31 days in May…and there are 31 Proverbs. Make sure your kids hear the words of the wisest man to have ever lived, except Jesus Christ Himself! It will change your life. It will change your family.

OK…so we are getting a late start. Perhaps that’s what the enemy had in mind. OK…so I didn’t get to stand before you…read the 1st Proverb to get you started and thus properly lead you and motivate you to take the challenge. THAT’S FINE…Greater is He who is in us than he who is against us (1 John 4:4).

Next Sunday, May 8th, we will celebrate Mother’s Day with some good bar-b-cue and fellowship…but we will read Proverbs 8. The next Sunday…we will read Proverbs 15…and so on. So, think of a “Proverb a Day” like you do a prescription…don’t miss it. If you stay diligent…I believe we will see blessings from it.

I also challenge each of you to SHARE the verse that speaks to you the most each day on your Facebook wall. Let OTHERS see the wisdom found in the Book of Proverbs.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support for David. We love each and every one of you.

In HIM…nelson