AHF Deaconesses

It will be the policy of Agape Home Fellowship to have deaconesses. It is seen in scripture (although this is open for debate) and in the early church history that deaconesses did exist (Rom 16:1, 1 Tim 3:11; First Council of Nicea, et. al.). The purpose of the deaconesses will be to minister to the women of the house church and to advise the elders and deacons of the needs of women. Too often the needs of this ministry go undetected.

As men, the elders and deacons are often incapable of determining the needs of women within the congregation, who often have no voice or liaison to channel their concerns. The deaconesses of Agape Home Fellowship will be that voice and will keep the elders and deacons of Agape Home Fellowship informed on their ministry and needs.