I’m interested in hosting a house church in my home…

If you are interested in hosting a house church in your home…being a house church shepherd or just helping out…please send us your information and we will respond to you as soon as we can. We would LOVE to hear from you. But before you decide, let’s get practical!

First, understand that if you affiliate with AHF, you are agreeing with our Core Beliefs, Our Vision and Mission and our Core Values. You also agree to operate according to our guidelines and procedures. If you desire to partner with us, you will still need to agree with out Core Beliefs, Our Vision and Mission and our Core Values. You will set your own guidelines and procedures for operation.

It’s not difficult starting a house church. All you need is a place for people to eat…and sit. If you are part of AHF, you will need a smart TV and a laptop with HDMI and a WiFi connection. But these are just the tools. Above all, you will need to ensure you have the proper spiritual gifts. If you do not know your spiritual gifts, you can go to our Spiritual Gifts page and find out your particular giftedness. You should score high especially high in the gifts of hospitality and pastoring (being a shepherd…not a titled “pastor”). The most difficult aspect of hosting a house church is you do lose a certain amount of privacy. If this doesn’t bother you, then house church shepherding may be in your future. If you are a very private person and do not “like people in your business” or “like your space”…hosting a house church is probably not what God has intended for you.

We also ask that you pray about this. We would even suggest you fast (see our “Fasting Information” page under the “Learn” tab). Take an inventory of what God has done, and is doing in your lives and see if it is leading you to a place that includes house churches…or traditional churches.

After praying and fasting, go the the “Connect” tab on our home page and then go to “AHF – A Deeper Look.” There, you will find a serious of FAQ videos concerning what it takes to start a house church and what a house church looks like. After you have prayerfully watched these, pray again asking for God’s direction.

If, after you done these things, you still feel God’s call on your life to start a house church or partner with us in some way, please contact us…we would love to hear from you and discuss the issue at a deeper level. Our primary focus for you is that you are serving where the Lord Jesus Christ leads you to serve…whether that is in an AHF house church…a house church of your own (we would still love to be on mission with you)…a traditional church…or some other local body of believers. You can contact me at nelson@agapehomefellowship.org. Please send a copy (if possible) of your spiritual gifts tests to me. We will return your email very shortly.

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