How is it different?

How is AHF different than a traditional church? Other than the obvious difference of venue, there will be several other main differences.

There are no “Robert’s Rules of Order” at AHF. The church is not a democracy. It is a theocracy The church will be led by elders but not governed by them. Hebrews 13:17 states that members are to follow the commands of Christ and be persuaded by those who are in authority over them and to not resist them. We will be guided by Godly men…but decisions will e made by the church through prayer, fasting and love.

There is no “Dress up” day at AHF. We are not the Old Testament…we do not need to dress up in holy clothes. Come as you are. Dress as you would dress to work or to go to the movies. Dress however (modestly) you wish.

There is no tithing at AHF. Tithing is an OT principle and was not seen during the NT church. Free giving was expected. If you wish to read more about our position on giving, please visit here.

We will wait on the Lord. We long to see God move among us like He did in the Early Church. We long to see people changed by the POWER of the LIVING God…so…get ready for uncomfortable silences!

We are not into titles. Jesus is our senior pastor. We will have elders and deacons, as these are New Testament offices. But titles such as “Pastor”…”Reverend”…etc are man-made. The Apostle Paul was simple called Brother Paul…or just Paul.